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Hi! I'm LaiLa, a mother of two living in Washington State originally from Morocco. I have been in the Medical field since 2006 and I am running an  Adult Family Home business since 2012. 


Natural Skin care is my passion, I always wanted to have my own skincare line until one day I was at one of beauty and cosmetics stores my eyes catches a Moroccan Argan oil products I was so excited to see it, I opened the tester the smell was too strong, the texture was thick and the color was clear white. when I tried it on my hand it stays like a thick serum, I was unhappy with the presentation of Moroccan Argan oil, so I started to go and discover the Argan oil from other stores, after a couple of months I thought this is the time to start my natural skincare products and first I want to start with Argan oil to show and educate people about the real Argan oil.

Argan Oil should smell light with a bit of a fruity/nutty scent that disappear in a few seconds, the color Gold and the texture should be light after applying it to the skin it gets absorbed quickly, leaving the skin soft and not greasy. That how it got the name of “dry oil “.      



As a little girl growing up in Morocco, I spent most of the summer with my grandmother. She had a small farm in the southwest region where Argan trees are abundant and her favorite spot to rest during warm afternoons was underneath them. She had great respect for the Argan tree because it is part of the native Moroccan heritage.

In mid-June, the Argan fruits start falling off the trees. Some people shake the branches to encourage the fruit to fall off, but my grandmother furiously objected to this method. She preferred to watch Mother Nature run its course because forcing the nuts to fall prematurely could diminish the quality of the oil. After gathering the fallen fruit, my grandmother would then lay them to dry in the open air. When the fruit reached a brown, shriveled stage she stripped off the leathery pulp, exposing the pit inside. Using a small stone, she would carefully crack open the thick pit without damaging the kernel inside. Any shock to the kernel would damage the oil it contains.

To extract top-quality oil, this step had to be done by hand. This was my favorite part of the whole process. My grandmother used a hand-operated stone mill that was passed on to her from her mother as a tradition, but it wasn’t until I reached the age of fourteen that she finally allowed me to operate it. Grandma wanted me to learn every step of the process. I then watched her kneel and press on the paste to extract the oil. The result is a cold-pressed Argan oil that has been used for cosmetic purposes for many centuries.

For consumption, she would roast the Argan seeds before she grinds them, and then mix it with almond paste to make a delicious spread. Grandma was not in the business, she would simply share the oil with family and friends.

That was how I got exposed to Argan oil and it has been a heritage to my family.

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